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Why taking you make-up off is just as important as putting it on

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Makeup Remover available from Pure Beauty OnlineJust as you like to put your make-up on in a morning, your skin likes you to take it off at night. This is because when you don’t take your make-up off, you’re allowing bacteria to grow and free radicals to wreak havoc under your skin.

Bacteria: On average, you touch your face over 5,000 times per day; by doing this you are transferring dirt to your face. If you leave your make-up on at night it traps any dirt and oil that has built up on the skin during the day; this leads to blocked pores and acne.

Free Radicals: If you don’t wash your face at night then free radicals stay on your skin. Free radicals are accumulated throughout the day from things such as pollution and dirt – if you don’t wash your face, you don’t get rid of free radicals and this this leads to premature aging.

Repair: Your skin repairs itself much quickly at night; it renews and refreshes in order to make you look your best for a morning. Not taking off your make-up can hamper the process.

Dermaolgica’s Soothing Eye Make Up Remover is a great thing to pair with a face wash. Although washing your face is great, a lot of people forget about their eye make-up and wake up in the morning with huge panda eyes. This makes washing your face pointless as the make-up from your eyes ends up on your face and still clogs up your pores. Instead of being stuck in this predicament, after washing your face you should use the Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover which will completely remove any eye make-up that is remaining. The formula contains silk amino acids that strengthen and condition the eye area. The solution is chemical free and there is therefore no irritation, stinging or oily residue.

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