What is hyperpigmentation and how can you mask it?

Dermalogica Chroma White TRx system available from Pure Beauty OnlineHyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin; this is caused by an increase in melanin. Melanin is the chemical that gives skin its colour so if there is too much melanin then your skin darkens in colour.

The condition can be caused by sun damage, injuries – including acne scarring – and general inflammation of the skin. People with darker skin, i.e. those of African, Asian or Mediterranean origins, are generally worst affected, especially if they are continually exposed to the sun.

Hyperpigmentation can affect any part of the body but it is most common on the face, back and hands. Melanin does not only produce the colour of skin but also the eyes and hair. Melanin production is reduced as the body ages hence the reason that people’s hair turns grey.

To treat the condition and stop the hyperpigmentation getting any worse you should wear a high factor sun screen every time you go outside, not just when it’s hot or when you’re going to the beach. Other than that there are so many creams and gels on the market that can help you out.

Dermalogica has a wide variety of products specifically designed to help reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation. Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate is a product that helps to treat cell discolouration and improve the clarity of the skin. This product is absorbed quickly to help reinforce the lipid barrier of the skin. Dermalogica offers a whole range of products to help treat this one problem but if you’re not sure what to try first why not give the Dermalogica ChromaWhite TRx Regimen a go? This kit contains everything you could possibly need to clear up your worries, plus everything inside is full size apart from the Dermalogica Extreme C and Dermalogica Pure Night. The kit also contains, Dermalogica Tri-Active Cleanse, Dermalogica Powerfoliant, Dermalogica C-12 Concentrate and Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 30.

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