Three reasons to use a toner

Dermalogica Toners available from Pure Beauty OnlineDermalogica’s range of toners are all designed to provide light hydration and prepare the skin for the application of moisturiser, with each toner designed to suit specific skin types for better results. And yet toners are not just for use after cleansing; here are three reasons to use a toner:

  1. Using a toner after cleansing restores moisture to the skin and allows moisturiser to be absorbed more evenly. Spray the face and neck after cleansing and then apply your moisturiser.
  2. A toner will help to set your makeup in the morning before you leave the house. It can also be used during the day to freshen up the complexion and even out makeup that may have started to slide.
  3. The handy spritz delivery of Dermalogica’s toners makes them an ideal travel companion.

Travelling, particularly by air, can leave skin dry and parched; these toners offer a refreshing spray that will revive the spirits as well as the complexion. Moisture levels are restored and the skin is softened and soothed.

Make sure you choose the toner that is best suited to your skin type and when you have found the one for you, make sure you order some travel sizes too, so you can refresh your skin wherever you are!

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