Post-holiday skin savers: sun spots

Dermalogica Products suitable for Pigmentation available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe previous two articles have taken a look at the effects of the sun on oily and dry skin types and made suggestions as to how to combat them. This article turns its attention to the appearance of sun spots and offers some ideas to improve their appearance.

Hyper pigmented skin

Exposure to the sun’s rays causes the skin to produce melanin and thus to change colour and tan; unfortunately, excessive exposure to UV rays and the effects of ageing on the skin’s ability to regulate melanin production means that many people start to develop sun spots as they reach a certain age.

The hands are often affected first, as is the skin on the face, and the effect on the appearance can be terribly ageing. Sun spots are areas of darker skin that can be difficult to conceal without piling on the make-up.

Dermalogica’s ChromaWhite TRX Skincare System has been designed specifically to reduce the appearance of hyper pigmented patches of skin and encourage a more even skin tone. The active ingredients contained in these products brighten the complexion and cause excess pigments to fade without damaging your skin.

The Regimen Kit is an ideal way to give these products a try, offering all you need to get started. The only thing you need to remember is that results are accumulative, so you will need to use the products regularly if you are to see an improvement. You will also need to ensure that you a daily SPF to prevent any further damage.

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