Keep your skin happy after shaving

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineAlthough waxing and epilators can offer longer-term hair removal for excess body hair, many of us still rely on the good old razor to keep our pins hair-free. Fast, cheap and practical, shaving remains a popular method of removing hair. Yet shaving can also take its toll on your skin; nicks and cuts, rashes and irritation, bumps and ingrowing hairs can all leave your legs looking less than their best.

There are certain steps you can take, however, to ensure that your skin stays happy and hair-free:

  1. Begin by taking a warm bath or shower, as the heat will soften your skin as well as the hairs. Use an exfoliator like Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub to gently remove dry and dead skin cells and ensure a closer shave.
  2. Shaving can strip the skin and leave it red and sore, so make sure you protect the skin by using a guard such as Close Shave Oil to maximise the softening of the skin and hair and to reduce the likelihood of irritation.
  3. Follow up with a moisturiser, applied while the skin is still damp to restore moisture levels and soothe the skin. Follow these steps and you will have silky soft, hair-free legs and happy, healthy skin!

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