Why Dermalogica sun blocks are ‘brilliant’

Dermalogica Solar Defence System available from Pure Beauty OnlineTV star Holly Willoughby recently told The Mirror what her must-have items are when she packs to go on holiday, and it will come as no surprise to those who are Dermalogica converts to hear that ‘Dermalogica face sun lotions are brilliant.’

While we whole-heartedly agree with this statement, we thought we would provide some explanation, just in case you haven’t already tried them!

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Dermalogica range is the fact that different products have been developed to suit different skin types. There is no need to compromise on the appearance of your complexion in order to keep it protected from harmful UV rays as Dermalogica has a sunscreen that will keep your skin safe and conditioned:

  • If you have dry or prematurely ageing skin, then your sunblock will also need to nourish and hydrate your skin, so go for the Extra Rich Faceblock SPF 30.
  • The last thing oily skin needs is a greasy film left by a sun cream that sits on the surface of the skin; the Oil Free Matte Block SPF 20 absorbs excess oil and inhibits sebum production while providing a high level of protection.
  • Super-sensitive skins may find that some sun creams can irritate the skin and will need something soothing and chemical-free, like the Ultra Sensitive Faceblock SPF 25 or the Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 30.

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