More praise for Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant available from Pure Beauty OnlineThe Good Spa Awards 2012 have a novel way of choosing their winners – they send out a team of expert ‘Good Spa Spies’ to test the venues and the experiences they offer. One category where Dermalogica makes an appearance is the ‘Perfect Product’ category: their Daily Microfoliant has been nominated as best product!
Here’s what the ‘Good Spa Spy’ had to say about this fab exfoliator:

“This Dermalogica product is my favourite facial exfoliator, and would definitely feature in my top ten spa products. Why? Because it’s quick and easy-to-use, it’s gentle but very effective, and it helps keep my skin balanced and clear.

This clever powder, based on enzymes and rice, manages to leave my face as smooth as an abrasive scrub might, but without the skin-damaging scratching and bits left round your hair line! It doesn’t hydrate, but it does leave skin perfectly prepped for moisturiser and make-up.

It’s also really handy if you’re a frequent flyer, as it’s a powder that turns to a paste when you mix it with water – meaning that it’s one of the only skincare products that you don’t have to worry about decanting into 100ml bottles!”

Of course, the great thing about Dermalogica products is that you don’t need a spa treatment to enjoy them, you can bring the professional skincare treatments to your own bathroom!

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