Kiss chapped lips good bye with Climate Control Lip Treatment

Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment available from Pure Beauty OnlineApparently, our lips lose an awful lot of moisture (more, in fact than any other part of the face or body) and this can be exacerbated by the environments we find ourselves in.

Air-conditioned offices, wind, air-travel etc. can all leave lips sore, dry and chapped. When this happens, it may be tempting to start licking your lips more often and even to pick at the flaky skin, but all this will do is make the situation worse.

Regular use of a good lip balm will help to provide a barrier against the elements (wind, sun and cold, dry air), retain moisture and repair damage. Not only will your lips look better, but you will find that lipstick has a much better and smoother base for application.

Avoid lip balm in pots if you can, simply because you may transfer bacteria to the lip balm every time you apply it and as lip balm tends to last a while, it could become a real bacteria haven by the time you replace it!

Climate Control Lip Treatment is packaged in a handy and hygienic stick; perfect for protecting, replenishing and repairing your pout, whatever the weather!

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