The perfect base for make-up is flawless, conditioned skin

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineMake-up can be real life-saver when you get the odd blemish that needs concealing or if you need to even out your skin tone. If, however, you are piling on the products in an attempt to camouflage your complexion, you may need to take a look at your skincare regimen. Some types of make-up could do more harm than good, clogging pores and irritating the skin, creating even more flaws that need to be hidden, and so the vicious cycle continues.

Back in May, Makeup and Hair Artist Jacqueline Fowler was awarded the BAFTA award for Makeup and Hair Design for her contribution to the BBC series The Crimson Petal And The White. During her acceptance speech she thanked Dermalogica, suggesting that caring for the skin beneath the make-up is important.

Dermalogica skincare products are designed to cater to your skin’s needs, as healthy and happy skin is also beautiful skin. Most women use make-up every single day, but rather than using it as a mask to hide your real complexion, try improving your skin’s condition so you can allow its natural beauty to shine through!

Many people who try Dermalogica products quickly become converts and are astonished by the visible improvement they and others can see in their complexion. Take a good look at your skin to establish what type of system it needs and then try a kit of suitable products for a month – the results will speak for themselves!

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