Don’t leave the house without Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster

Dermalogica Solar Defence BoosterWe should all know by now that the biggest threat to our skin’s health and appearance lies in unprotected exposure to the sun. Although a recent survey conducted by St Tropez reveals that we Brits are still reluctant to give up our dreams of tanning whatever the cost, protecting your skin is the best anti-ageing approach you could possibly adopt.

UVB rays can cause cancer; UVA rays can cause irrevocable signs of ageing. Neither risk is worth taking, which is why you need to make sure that you do not leave the house without some form of sun block.

Dermalogica have come up with a product that allows you to use it on its own or mixed with your favourite moisturiser or foundation: its Solar Defence Booster SPF 30 provides effective sun protection without weighing down your skin with excess oils.

The Guardian’s beauty blogger calls it ‘an absolutely genius product that adds high protection of any of Dermalogica’s excellent moisturisers’, and you only need to read some of the product reviews written by Pure Beauty’s customers to realise that this is perhaps the biggest favour you could do for your complexion.

Simply put, this product is an essential part of your skincare routine, whether you suffer from highly sensitive skin, skin conditions such as rosacea, or whether you simply need to protect your skin from the signs of premature ageing. Buy it now before summer arrives!

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