Make bathing beneficial to skin

Nothing quite soothes the senses or helps to promote relaxation quite like a nice long soak in the bath, and there are few better ways to relieve those aching muscles.

You can’t move in the supermarket or on the High Street for bath products, and there are some products which really do feel good enough to eat. However, whilst these products may be good enough to eat, some might not be entirely good for the skin, and constantly taking long baths with such products can leave skin in a state which is far from its best.

There are many body wash and bubble bath products which can contain a cocktail of ingredients which can really strip the skin of essential moisture, so whilst you might enjoy using them at the time, your skin might not thank you for it afterwards.

Rather than allowing those long, luxurious baths to take their toll on skin, it’s far better to try and make bathing more beneficial by investing in better quality products- such as those in the Dermalogica Body Therapy range.

As the products in the Dermalogica Body Therapy range smell good whilst offering a whole host of skin benefits, there’s no having to make any sacrifices.

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