Discover what a complete Dermalogica regimen can do for your skin

Dermalogica Skin KitsVery few of us are blessed with a flawless complexion; the skin can be affected adversely by many factors, from hormonal imbalances and diet to polluted environments and harsh weather conditions. The natural ageing process can be accelerated by sunlight, stress and sleep deprivation, leaving us looking tired and old before our time.

The quality of your skin care regime will play a vital role in how well your complexion copes with its daily barrage of wind, smoke, central heating, free radicals and all the rest! You may be tempted to go for cheap products in an attempt to save money, and yet good quality, specialised skin care products don’t have to cost the earth.

Dermalogica Skin Kits offer you the ideal opportunity to try out a complete regimen adapted to your skin type and its particular needs, all at a reasonable price. A typical kit will provide you with everything you need to cleanse, tone, smooth and moisturise your skin, along with treatments specific to your skin’s problems.

You only need to read the reviews left by Pure Beauty Online’s customers to see that using the right products can transform your complexion and restore your confidence in your skin. These skin kits are a perfect introduction to Dermalogica products and will show you what can be achieved with a little time and great products!

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