Creating a good base for makeup

Nowadays, there are some absolutely amazing cosmetics around which have brilliant staying power, although no matter how high quality cosmetics may be, if they’re not applied to skin which has been prepared properly, they might not stick around for long and see you through the day or night.

When they’re not applied to properly prepared skin, products such as foundation, concealer, blusher and powder can quickly perform a disappearing act- which isn’t a scenario which anyone wants to find themselves faced with.

Creating a good base doesn’t need to be difficult or add precious minutes to your makeup application regime though- it can be very quick and easy.

Cleansing, toning and moisturising with suitable products will go a long way in helping makeup to stay put- with the use of a suitable moisturiser being particularly important here. A moisturiser which is of poor quality and which sits on the skin rather than sinking in could see makeup making an escape bid in the blink of an eye. Those who find that skin becomes excessively oily should also invest in a product to control it.

Dermalogica has plenty of products which can help to create the perfect makeup base.

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