Pack a skiing holiday essential

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off on skiing holiday this winter, your thoughts will no doubt already have started to turn to what you need to invest in and what you need to pack.

On any holiday, having as much fun as possible will be high on the agenda, although whilst you’re having all of this fun, there are still some things which you can’t afford to neglect- one of which is looking after your skin.

Neglecting your skin on any holiday could see you arriving home with skin which looks a lot less than its best, and neglecting skin when temperatures are absolutely freezing is even worse.

So, as well as packing your usual daily skin care products, you should pack products which also protect skin a little more.

As well as investing in and packing more generic skin care products, don’t forget another essential- protection for the lips.

In sub-zero temperature, the lips are one of the first areas of the face which will suffer, so make sure you pack a product like Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment.

Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment will protect lips from becoming chapped, red and dry, so you’ll come back looking refreshed rather than weathered.

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