Looking after the body- just as important as looking after the face

Most of the adult population know just how important it is cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day, although some people are a little more complacent when it comes to caring for the skin on the body- especially during colder months when there isn’t usually a great deal of skin on display.

Even though the skin on much of the body might not be on display for the world and his dog to see though (well, until you’re strutting your stuff on the beach in the summer) it’s still important to look after the skin on the body all year round.

Layers of thick clothing, climatic conditions and long hot baths and showers can all really take it out of the skin on the body, so skin care products which help to keep skin hydrated and which help to replace lost moisture are a must.

The Dermalogica Body Therapy range is packed full of products which will not only help to keep the skin on the body in tip top condition, but which will also help to make bath and shower time that little bit more luxurious.

Dermalogica has everything needed to be body beautiful from top to toe.

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