Dryness can affect anyone

Although there are millions of people whose skin is prone to excessive dryness, skin dehydration really can affect anyone at any time of the year.

Many people are of the opinion that skin is only really susceptible to becoming dry when climatic conditions are harsh, and whilst very hot and very cold weather can really strip skin of hydration, skin can also become dry in average climatic conditions.

When it comes to keep dryness at arm’s length on a daily basis, the use of a good moisturiser is an absolute must, and as there are so many great moisturisers out there nowadays which are so quick to apply and which sink into the skin so quickly, there’s simply no excuse for not using one morning and night.

Reaching for any old moisturiser which looks half decent isn’t the best route to take though, and it’s important to keep skin type in mind, as different types of moisturisers have been designed to work well on different types of skin.

Although dryness can affect pretty much anyone, there’s no reason why you let it have to- especially as there’s such a great Dermalogica moisturiser range out there.

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