Cleansing- an essential even after a big night out

Most of us have been there at some point or another- got in from a big night on the town, and fallen straight asleep without bothering to cleanse.

When your night out has been a late one, it’s highly understandable if you feel tempted to get straight into bed without reaching for the cleanser first. Well, failing to cleanse every once in a while can’t hurt…can it?!

As keeping spots and blemishes at bay and keeping skin in peak condition involves properly cleansing morning and night, failing to cleanse skin on just the one occasion could cause pores to become blocked. This means that as well as waking up feeling a little worse for wear, you could also wake up with an unwanted addition to skin- which isn’t a position which any party goer wants to find themselves in.

Cleansing the skin properly doesn’t have to take an absolute age with Dermalogica products though, as they’re quick and almost effortless to use yet will help to ensure that every last centimetre of skin is as clean as can be.

Make cleansing an after party essential, and feel and look that little bit brighter the following day.

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