Invest in a better base

When you spend precious minutes in the morning or before an evening out applying makeup, the last thing you’ll want is for makeup to have all but slid off and vanished in just a very short space of time.

Without a good base though, you could find yourself in this situation.
Even the most budge proof products in the world can do a disappearing act if they don’t have a good base to hold on to, so it pays to get your base right before you look to apply products to anywhere else.

If you wear foundation, it’s really important to invest in a product which can stand the test of time- as this can have an impact on how long the rest of your makeup (especially products like powder and blusher.)

Many oil-based foundations are prone to making a great escape from skin really quickly- even more so if your skin is already prone to excessive oiliness.

So, to ensure that makeup stays put, you need to invest in a better base- and they don’t come much better than the Dermalogica Treatment Foundation.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation has a oil-free formulation, comes in many superb shades and also offers adjustable coverage- that’s much better!

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