Be body beautiful whatever the time of year

When temperatures plummet to sub zero depths, wrapping up in as many layers as possible- leaving but an inch of skin exposed is the order of the day. We all know just how long and drawn out British winters can be, and when skin is hidden for so long it’s all too easy to neglect it a little.

The fact that limbs aren’t on show doesn’t mean that you should all but forget about the state of the skin of the body though, and whatever the weather, you need to ensure that the skin on your body looks beautiful.

It’s far preferable to put in a little regular effort into looking after the skin rather than leaving its condition to deteriorate and struggle with getting it back to its best.

You don’t need to spend the absolute earth on keeping the body beautiful either, as Dermalogica has some fantastic and affordable products.

The products within the Dermalogica Body Therapy range- such as the Conditioning Body Wash and Body Hydrating Cream– are perfect for use during your usual bath or shower time regime, and they’ll help to keep your skin in tip top condition all year round.

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