Re- balance your skin’s moisture levels

If your skin has been feeling extremely dry and parched of late, there’s no time like the very present to start on the journey to get your complexion back to its beautiful best.

One of the main causes of skin which is really parched is dehydration, and this dehydration can be caused by several factors.

The thing about loss of moisture from the skin is that it can occur very rapidly, and if the situation isn’t addressed, things could only get worse.

There are lots of different types of products on the skin care market nowadays which are great for re-balancing skin’s moisture levels, although the good old moisturiser is still one of the best types of products around- especially when the moisturiser is a Dermalogica one.

The Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance product is superb for quenching skin’s thirst and restoring it back to its former glory, and as well as making skin feel a lot better, it can also look a lot better as this moisturiser helps to smooth away fine lines and repair damaged areas of skin.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance can be used on a very regular basis too, so it can stop dehydrated from making a reappearance.

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