Keep your lips looking luscious throughout the winter

The perfect pout certainly isn’t a pout which looks dry and chapped, although with the harsh winter weather slowly setting in, you could easily succumb to this unless you take the necessary steps to avoid it.

One of the primary causes of dry, chapped lips is licking them when the weather is bitterly cold, and many people do this without even knowing it.

Even if you’re not guilty of this, even failing to use a proper lip protection product could quickly leave lips seriously parched, and more often than not, your average lipstick or lip gloss won’t be enough here.

Although some cosmetics do have ingredients which help to keep the lips hydrated, it’s best to invest in a proper lip protection product such as Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment.

Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment has been specially formulated to protect the lips from the effects of harsh climatic conditions, and provides lips with something of a shield.

The Climate Control Lip Treatment can be worn alone or worn under other products, and it’s not just for the ladies, as its discreet formulation makes it great for the guys too.

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