Give your skin an almighty dose of hydration

When your skin is really dry and parched, the first type of product which you might reach for is moisturiser, as there are tonnes of fantastic moisturisers around nowadays which can really quench skin’s thirst.

However, as great as they may be, moisturisers aren’t necessarily the be all and end all, and to provide skin with an almighty dose of hydration, it’s well worth combining your moisturiser with a little something else.

Once you’ve chosen the moisturiser which will help to nurse your skin back to health (there are several Dermalogica moisturisers which are great for very dry and prematurely aging skin), why not think about sitting back, relaxing and letting a masque work some magic?

The Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque is great for injecting a huge helping of hydration back into the skin. Whilst it hydrates, the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque also smoothes, softens, and minimises the appearance of fine lines- making for a much more attractive complexion all round.

The fantastic effects of the Intensive Moisture Masque can be apparent after just one single use, so it’s a great way of quickly restoring skin back to its best.

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