Don’t let winter weather get a look in

One of the worst things about winter weather is that it can have a tendency to creep up without warning. One minute you’re happily enjoying a nice mild autumn, and the next you’re shivering in all of your winter woollies.

Since you can never predict when temperatures will take a turn for the worse, it always pays to be prepared well in advance- and not only with your winter clothing but also with your winter skin care products.

It’s just as important to put the time and effort into looking after your skin in the winter as it is in the summer, although your skin will obviously have different needs.

It’s really important to try and keep that red-raw chapped look which can all too easily strike during the winter at bay, and you should be able to find moisturisers and barrier products which can help here.

As well as the skin on your face, make sure that you protect your lips and hands from the effects of winter weather too.

Dermalogica has everything you need to ensure that winter weather doesn’t get a look in, so make those all-important new skin care investments today.

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