Keep skin hydrated- even when it’s hidden

So the summer’s over and it’s now it’s now time to pack away your short skirts and t shirts and start to think about wrapping up in something a little warmer.

Even though it’s always sad to see the end of summer and resign ourselves to the fact that there are many cold months ahead, for some people, there’s also a huge sense of relief that all of that waxing, shaving and self tanning can now come to an end due to skin being hidden under so many layers.

Keeping your skin covered under thick tights, jeans and woolly jumpers doesn’t mean that you can neglect your skin altogether though, and you still need to ensure that it’s hydrated even when it’s hidden.

When it’s cold, after a bath or shower it can be really tempting to just dry yourself off then jump into your towelling gown- without moisturising.

You really do need to make the effort to moisturise though, or skin could quickly become seriously dull and dehydrated.

Make Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream your winter skin essential- it’s quick to apply, easily absorbed and will keep your skin in amazing condition- who cares if it’s only you who can see your skin?!

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