Don’t dismiss the importance of removing make up before bed

Lots of women wear make up every day, as even if the day is just being spent sat behind your computer screen at work, it can boost your confidence and really perk up your look.

At the end of a long day in the office though, once you’ve rustled up something to eat and caught up on your favourite soaps, it can be very tempting to slip into your pyjamas and head off into the land of nod- without bothering to take your make up off.

This is a big skin care mistake to make though, and even when your eyelids are starting to feel really heavy, you need to reach for the cleanser.

Even neglecting to remove your make up just a couple of times could have a negative impact, as pores could become clogged and unable to breathe properly- and this could result in spots.

Cleansing your skin free of make up at the end of the day only needs to take a couple of quick minutes out of your time- especially when you reach for one of the fab Dermalogica cleansers which are available and which are quick to use yet which offer a really thorough cleanse.

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