Protecting your skin from autumn sunshine

So, the summer might all but have deserted us now (well, what little most of us saw of it)- but this certainly doesn’t mean that you can afford to desert your sun protection efforts.

Due to the fact that we’re generally not lucky enough to enjoy a great amount of scorching hot sun in this country, this has led many to believe that their skin isn’t at risk. This isn’t the case though.

When the summer sun is nothing but a very distant memory, and when the leaves start to fall, you still need to make sure that SPF protection forms part of your skin care regime.

Many people believe that applying a product with SPF protection will add precious minutes to their skin care regime in the morning, although there are some superb products out there nowadays which can add mere seconds yet which can effectively protect skin from the summer sunshine.

Dermalogica Solar Defence Booster, Oil Free Matte Block and Super Sensitive Faceblock are all fantastic for shielding skin from the autumn sun, and the fab thing about all of these products is that they’re really quick and easy to use- which means no rushing about in the morning!

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