Opt for an oil-free moisturiser

Your choice of moisturiser is one of the most important parts of your skin care regime, and with so many different types of moisturisers available nowadays, there’s a product to suit every skin type.

Skin care myths are always rife though, and one myth which many people still believe is that, in order for skin to be hydrated properly, it’s essential to use an oil-based moisturiser.

This is most certainly a myth though, especially in today’s day and age where skin care products are constantly becoming more advanced.

Although oil-based moisturisers might be suitable for some skin types, this doesn’t mean that they’re the best type of product to use for every skin type, and for those with excessively oily skin in particular, the use of an oil-free moisturiser could be better.

The ever-popular Dermalogica Active Moist proves that moisturisers don’t have to contain oil in order to hydrate the skin properly, as it features an oil-free formulation which leaves the skin soft and supple without the need to leave any greasy residue behind.

If your skin is prone to excess shine or excessive oil production, swapping your oil-based moisturiser and opting for Dermalogica Active Moist could make a great deal of difference.

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