Oily skin still needs moisture

As skin which is overly oily can be extremely troublesome for those who find themselves faced with it, some people who are faced with the condition will do everything in their power to put a stop to it- with some even going s far as to drop moisturiser from their skin care regime.

Overly oily skin still needs its twice daily dose of moisturiser though, and rather than controlling oil (which some people mistakenly believe skipping moisturiser will do) it could actually make things worse- leaving you with skin which is even trickier to deal with.

With so many great moisturisers now available which have been specifically designed for use on oily skin, there’s no reason as all why moisturiser needs to be left out of the skin care equation- you simply need to choose your moisturiser wisely.

An oil-free moisturiser such as Dermalogica Active Moist is a superb product for those with excessively oily skin, as it hydrates without the need for any oil whatsoever, and it speedily sinks into the skin without a trace.

Oily skin still needs moisture, so make sure you moisturise it properly with a Dermalogica moisturiser.

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