Why soap isn’t the solution

You may have spent your younger years cleansing your skin with soap, and whilst this may have served you well throughout your childhood, cleansing the skin with soap certainly isn’t the solution when you’re an adult.

There are lots of reasons why soap isn’t the right route to take- with one of the most significant being that it just isn’t likely to cleanse your skin properly.

In order to keep spots and blemishes at bay, skin needs to be cleansed deep down in the pores- and soap isn’t likely to offer such cleansing.

For many people, using soap on the skin is likely to leave it very parched, and at the other end of the spectrum it could also leave it looking and feeling extremely oily- depending on your skin type.

If you are still guilty of using soap, you should confine it to the bin immediately, and make it your mission to invest in a suitable cleanser with the utmost of priority.

Dermalogica boasts a brilliant range of affordable cleansers to suit different skin types, and it will quickly become clear that they’re a much better skin solution.

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