Don’t stop your sun protection efforts the moment you land

When you’re going away on holiday to hotter, sunnier shores, protecting your skin against a nasty bout of sunburn is high on the agenda, and most people don’t need to think twice about slapping on the sunscreen before heading out of the hotel for a spot of sunbathing and reapplying it throughout the course of the day.

However, whilst they’re almost religious about their sun protection efforts whilst their abroad, some people wrongly stop making the effort the moment they land and step off the plane- although this could leave you heading towards skin disaster.

Even in the UK, where we’re usually not lucky enough to enjoy long bouts of hot summer sun, it’s very important to protect the skin, as UV rays can have a very detrimental effect even on the dullest of days.

Protecting your skin on a daily basis will extend your daily skin care regime by just a short couple of minutes, as there are some great products on the market which are extremely speedy to use- take a look at those by Dermalogica, there’s a fab variety of products which can easily enable you to extend your sun protection efforts well after your holiday ends.

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