Make the effort to exfoliate

Some people believe that cleansing, toning and moisturising are the be all and end all of a good skin care regime, although this isn’t necessarily the case, and in order to keep your skin in tip top condition, it always pays to exert a little more effort.

Exfoliation plays an important part in keeping skin looking and feeling good, as it helps to shift dead skin cells which could be clogging the pores and making your skin look a little dull and drab.

Although most people are aware of what exfoliation is, what some aren’t aware of is just how little time and effort it can actually consume, and one of the reasons why some neglect to exfoliate is that they believe that simply don’t or won’t have the time.

There are many different exfoliants around nowadays which are very quick and easy to use- especially those by Dermalogica- and whether you have the time to exfoliate every day or just a couple of times a week, there will be a Dermalogica exfoliant for you.

By making the effort to exfoliate, you could instantly see a fantastic difference in your skin, and you’ll wonder why you ever neglected it.

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