Fitting skin care essentials into your small suitcase

If you’ve got a summer holiday coming up, and if packing lightly isn’t your thing, you might face yourself facing a bit of a struggle when it comes to staying within your luggage allowance.

Unless you’re prepared to pay excess baggage charges, sacrifices will have to be made, although when you’re absolutely adamant that you WILL need 15 pairs of sandals for a 7 day break, and that packing 20 different dresses IS perfectly reasonable, other things often have to get left behind.

Whether you’re at home or abroad, one thing which you really can’t afford to neglect is your skin care, although if your normal products eat away at a huge proportion of your luggage allowance, it’s clear to see why this can be tempting.

When you let Dermalogica take care of your skin though, there’s no reason why you have to make a sacrifice between stunning skin and an extra pair of shoes, as many of their products come in superb travel sizes.

The Dermalogica travel size range includes cleansers, shampoos and bath time products, and they’re just the right size to get you through your holiday and get you away from excess luggage charges.

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