A good cleanser equals a good complexion

With cleansing being the first part of many people’s skincare regime, it’s really important to give the skin a good start- which means that it’s important to ensure that you’re using the right cleanser.

It may sound a little dramatic, but the cleanser which you use really can make all the difference to your complexion, and can make all of the difference between skin which you’re really happy with and skin which you couldn’t be more displeased with.

Using an unsuitable cleanser can have several unwanted skin side effects- with the most common being skin which is seriously dry, skin which is excessively oily and skin which is prone to breakouts, and it’s fair to say that you won’t want to find yourself having to deal with any of these problems.

Thankfully, Dermalogica have a brilliant range of cleansers to suit the different needs of different skin types, so it shouldn’t be difficult at all to find a cleanser which helps you to confidently flaunt a clear complexion.

In order to find a good cleanser though, make sure that you’re certain of your skin type first. Once you’re certain of your skin type, you’ll be well on the way to finding the perfect cleansing product.

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