Concealing summer spots

Now that summer has officially started and with temperatures hopefully starting to rise, less will most definitely be more when it comes to cosmetics.

When the summer sun is beating down and you’re out and about enjoying what little summer we might actually get to enjoy in the UK, the last thing you’ll want is to walk around with a face full of heavy cosmetics.

Hot summer sun and heavy cosmetics are definitely not a good mix, as it’s a mix which is likely to leave your skin feeling very sticky and very uncomfortable.

As spots can decide to strike during any part of the year though, when you are faced with a blemish, you could feel that you have no other option than to go in heavy handed with the concealing products.

However successfully it might conceal your spot though, wearing thick concealer on a hot summer’s day might still not leave you feeling your best- and thick cosmetics have a tendency to slide off under the hot summer sun.

You don’t need to worry when you invest in Dermalogica Spot Concealing Treatment though, as it features a light yet effective formulation which won’t weigh your skin down but which will conceal and dry out summer spots.

Conceal your summer spots without sporting hot, sticky skin by investing in Dermalogica Spot Concealing Treatment.

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