Shielding sensitive skin from the sun

Keeping the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays at bay is important all year round, although with the onset of summer now on the horizon, every individual- regardless of their skin type- needs to ensure that they’re doing everything in their power to properly shield skin.

Those with skin which falls into the ‘normal’ category generally don’t find it too difficult to find products which can suitably shield skin, although those with skin which falls into other categories can find it problematic.

Those with sensitive skin often find it a struggle to find sun protection products which don’t irritate the skin- and this problem can result in them neglecting to use a sun protection product altogether.

There’s no reason why even those with very sensitive skin need to take any chances with exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful rays though, as Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Faceblock can protect skin without irritating it.

Featuring SPF 25 and a tinted formulation, Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Faceblock is chemical-free, and can therefore defend without putting the state of sensitive skin at risk.

Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Faceblock also moisturises and conditions whilst it protects, so it’s a great all-rounder which is great for use all year round.

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