Protecting drier skin from the sun

Due to the harmful effects which its rays can have, every individual needs to protect their skin from the sun- regardless of what skin type category they fall into. These days, there are plenty of sun protection products available on the market, although the thing with some is that they can be incredibly drying on the skin- which can be an
absolute nightmare for those with skin which is already on the very dry side.

Those with dry skin shouldn’t fall into the trap of failing to protect skin though, especially with warmer weather hopefully on the way in the coming months. All it takes to protect dry skin against UV rays without finding yourself faced with skin which looks and feels even drier is a specially formulated product- such as Dermalogica Extra Rich Faceblock.

Dermalogica Extra Rich Faceblock is an ultra-rich, ultra-nourishing product which protects skin with SPF 30 without dehydrating it. The Extra Rich Faceblock protects against both UVA and UVB rays, and if this fantastic protection wasn’t reason enough to invest, it also helps to repair existing damage, re-texturise and helps to stimulate collagen.

With Dermalogica Extra Rich Faceblock, you can protect skin from the sun without making it even drier.

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