Invest in a better base

If foundation is one of your daily makeup essentials, it goes without saying that you’ll want to be using a product which ticks every box. You only need to glance at the average cosmetics counter to see that there are lots of different types of cosmetics on offer at the moment, although more often than not these products only tick a couple of boxes rather than every single one.

As skin often has different needs on different days and at different times of the year, unless you want to invest in lots of different products and find yourself facing hefty cosmetics expenditure, you need to invest in a product which can adapt to skin’s differing needs.

Many foundations either offer very light or very heavy coverage, and this is why so many women have more than one foundation on the dressing table. This no longer needs to be the case though, as Dermalogica Treatment Foundation offers the ultimate in versatility.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation offers adjustable coverage- so you can opt for lighter coverage on ‘good skin days’ and on warm summer’s days where minimal makeup is a must, and concealing coverage when your complexion needs a little helping hand.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundation has an oil free formulation too- which will help to keep skin looking matte whichever level of coverage you opt for.

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