Be skin savvy

We all want to be the proud owner of skin which looks and feels amazing at all times, although which new advice constantly popping up online and in magazines, and with so many different types of skin care products to choose from, it’s no surprise that so many people struggle to get it right.

You don’t need lots of specialist knowledge or lots of money to get and keep your skin looking its best though, as it’s easy and affordable to be a little more skin savvy.

First things first, you need to make sure that you’re 100% certain of your skin type. This is the first hurdle which many people fall at, as they end up using products which haven’t been designed for their specific skin type.

After determining your skin type, the next step in being skin savvy is carefully looking at the needs of your skin. This involves thinking about whether you need a product which controls oil, dryness or redness throughout the day, and also that all important sun protection.

Once you’ve considered the above, you then need to invest in the right products- and the huge range of products offered by Dermalogica will have you well on track to being super skin savvy.

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