Prepare your skin for skimpier spring clothing

There’s no doubting that the appearance of spring sunshine is a blessing when it comes to lifting spirits and making things feel that little bit brighter, although the thought of casting your thick winter woollies aside and having to bare a bit more flesh as the weather starts to get warmer could put a dampener on things.

Whilst it’s unlikely that the shorts and flip flops will be called for yet (unless you’re lucky enough to be travelling to somewhere a lot warmer), a quick look at the latest trends for spring, and you’ll see that it’s not about completely covering up. Add to the equation the fact that summer arrived quite early for most of the UK last year, and there’s no time like the present to get your skin up to scratch.

After a winter hidden under thick layers, you’re not alone if your skin looks a little dull and feels a little dry. Luckily though, you can sort out this situation out quickly and affordably with products from the Dermalogica Body Therapy Range.

The Dermalogica Body Therapy Range contains body washes, body scrubs and moisturisers which will quickly get skin back to its best and more than prepared to be bared.

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