Don’t let cold weather catch you unaware

OK, so the snow and ice might have shifted from just about everywhere in the UK, but unfortunately you never know when icy conditions and ice cold temperatures might rear their ugly heads again, therefore it’s very important not to be lured into a false sense of security.

If you’ve spent the past few months arming yourself with products to protect your skin during the winter months and applying them religiously, the last thing which you will want to do is risk ruining all of your efforts and finding yourself having to deal with dry and dehydrated skin.

The thing about our winters is that they can be very very temperamental, and even if temperatures are on the mild side one day, in just a matter of hours things could change for the worse.

This is why, until it’s time to start thinking about protecting your skin against sunburn again (and let’s face it, this can’t come quick enough!), you should continue to protect your skin with effective moisturisers, boosters and other essential products.

Don’t let cold weather catch you unaware- invest in Dermalogica Skincare Products which will offer complete protection.

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