Terrific tips for getting the most from your skin care regime

The state of our skin can have a massive impact on our overall look, and this is one of the most important reasons why you need to ensure that you make every effort to follow a really good skincare regime.

Making sure that you take the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night is a good start when it comes to treating your skin well, although you can enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products even further by taking a look at these tips and making sure that you’re following them…

Say no to soap- Using any old soap to cleanse your face is a mistake which many people make, although as it can dry out skin and isn’t likely to cleanse skin thoroughly, it should be avoided at all costs.

There are plenty of great Dermalogica Cleansers around though, so there’s no excuse.

Pat dry- After cleansing, pat your face dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing vigorously. This is much kinder on skin.

Let toner dry properly- Even if you’re in a bit of a rush, it’s vital to let toner to dry and sink in properly, as this will allow it to work to its full potential.

Go easy on the moisturiser- If you’re using a suitable product, you shouldn’t have to slap layer upon layer of moisturiser on. Too much moisturiser will simply leave skin greasy and sticky.

In addition to following these tips, you can also get the most from your skin care regime by using Dermalogica products.

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