Remove every last trace of makeup

A large proportion of the population’s women wear cosmetics on a daily basis, as good quality products can help to enhance your look and enhance your confidence no end.

However, whilst cleansing properly is absolutely essential when you don’t wear makeup, it’s even more vital when you do- otherwise you could risk your pores becoming blocked and risk an unwanted outbreak of spots.

Time and time again you are likely to have heard just how essential it is that you remove your makeup before going to bed, although this is because it can make all the difference to the look and condition of your skin.

As well as leaving you faced with spots and blemishes, sleeping in your makeup is also likely to leave your skin dull and dry- all of which are completely unwanted.

There are lots of fantastic Dermalogica cleansers available which are quick and effective to use though, so there’s no excuse for leaving makeup on overnight and waking up with skin which is a lot less than fresh. Dermalogica Cleansers are available for all skin types too, so the perfect products for you are within easy reach.

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