Dealing with dry skin on a daily basis

Dry skin doesn’t have to be a pain to look after and control, and provided you’re using the correct products, keeping skin looking and feeling fantastic can be a walk in the park.

One of the most important products which is essential in keeping dry skin at bay is, undoubtedly, moisturiser. These days, you can’t move for all of the different moisturising products on the shop shelves, and whilst this is amazing if you know which type of products you should be looking for, when you have dry skin there is always the danger of picking up a product which won’t adequately quench skin’s thirst.

With dry skin, using any old moisturiser on a regular basis and only picking up an intensive moisturiser every now and again simply won’t suffice, and you should instead ensure that your skin gets a twice daily dose of hydration.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is the perfect product for those looking to keep dryness under control, and through effectively hydrating skin it leaves it looking and feeling extremely soft and supple.

As well as keeping dryness at bay, Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance is also fantastic at repairing existing damage and strengthening skin’s barrier.

Make sure that your skin always receives its daily doses of hydration with the popular Intensive Moisture Balance product.

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