Bath time essentials

Do you enjoy a nice long soak in the bath after a stressful day in the office? If so, you do need to make sure that you’re using products which not only help you to relax and make you feel as though you’re really pampering yourself, but also which provide you with various skin benefits.

A long hot bath can dry skin out extremely quickly, and even if you’re determined to make use of those pampering products which you received for Christmas, if they’re really drying on skin it could be a wise idea to use them only on a very irregular basis or even more wisely- give them a miss altogether.

However delicious your bath time pampering products may smell, ensuring that you’re using products which properly cleanse and hydrate skin should be far higher on your agenda.

Products which you need to use every time you relax in the bath include:

  • Body wash- Use a product which specifically designed to cleanse skin without drying it out and confine that harsh bar of soap to the bin.
  • Body scrub- Many people neglect to use a body scrub, but they are essential in buffing away dead skin cells.
  • Body Moisturiser- It’s essential to apply a hydrating moisturiser all over the body after EVERY bath or shower, otherwise your skin is likely to get very dehydrated, very quickly.

Dermalogica has a whole host of products which will allow you to enjoy relaxing and allow you to achieve and maintain beautiful skin.

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