Avoiding the flaky, dry lipstick look

Lipstick can really brighten up face and brighten up your entire look, and nothing quite beats browsing the beauty counter for a new purchase or two.

However, even when you invest in a high quality lipstick, unless your lips are in tip top condition, it might not look quite as good as it could.

Although many modern lipsticks are formulated with lots of moisturising ingredients, if your lips aren’t in peak condition to begin with, you could find that even if your lipstick looks smooth after initial application, in just a short matter of time it looks dry, uneven and generally not very attractive.

Several factors can contribute to lips looking and feeling dehydrated- with climatic conditions and excess sun exposure being two of the most common. By investing in the right products though, you can combat the look of dryness quickly and affordably and ensure that your lipstick gives you the perfect pout.

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex is the perfect product for those who suffer with dry or prematurely aging skin on the lips, and immediately gets to work on rehydrating and smoothing lips.

Dermalogica Lip Renewal Complex can be used under your new lipstick, and will act as a primer rather than making it slide straight off.

Don’t succumb to the flaky lip look- invest in this fab Dermalogica product.

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