Wearing long lasting eye makeup shouldn’t be a double-edged sword

As there are so many fantastic cosmetics out there which can last the duration of a long day or night, the need to constantly rush to the ladies for constant touch-ups has now been significantly eliminated.

Eye makeup can make all the difference to your overall look, and this is why, when questioned on their must-have beauty products, mascaras, eye shadows and eyeliners are always high on the list.

Whilst there’s no disputing that long lasting eye makeup is little less than a Godsend, problems can arise when it comes to removing it properly.

Scrubbing away with a cotton wool pad and harsh product might eventually shift cosmetics, although in doing this you’re running the risk of irritating and even damaging the extremely sensitive skin around the eyes.

By investing in a gently yet effective eye makeup remover such as Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover though, you can enjoy all of the beautiful benefits of long lasting cosmetics without having to make any sacrifices as far as the state of your skin is concerned.

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover also conditions and soothes whilst it effortlessly removes, which makes it a key product for all eye make up enthusiasts.

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