No Price Increase at Pure Beauty Online

Although the general V. A. T. rate will increase for all applicable consumer goods and services from midnight on 04/01/2011 from 17.5% to 20%, we are very pleased to announce that we will not be increasing our prices in line with the change.

We realise that since January 2010 there have been many price increases on our Dermalogica products. The increase in V. A. T. last January, the annual Dermalogica Trade Price Increase in April and then the unexpected additional Dermalogica Trade Price Increase in November. Dermalogica UK have taken the unprecedented step of  deciding to absorb the V. A. T. increase into their R. R. P.  and Trade Prices which has resulted in us being able to leave our prices unchanged.

We very much welcome this approach from Dermalogica and we appreciate the help this will extended to all of their customers and accounts during this difficult time.

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