Achieving the perfect base- a little can go along way

The way in which you prepare your skin for and apply your base can have a significant impact on its staying power, and it’s a safe bet to assume that nobody wants to find themselves constantly rushing to the mirror with the pressed powder in order to keep makeup looking matte.

It can be all too easy to get a little heavy handed with the cosmetics when you’re trying to create a base which will last you throughout the day or night, although in most circumstances, this is best avoided.

Applying too much foundation (especially one which is heavily oil-based) could leave you skin looking and feeling extremely oily, extremely quickly, and this could completely ruin all of your other cosmetic efforts.

Instead, in order to create a base which has real staying power, less is most definitely more, and a little application of a foundation which can provide you with light to medium yet effective coverage (plus concealing coverage where needed)- such as Dermalogica Treatment Foundation- will help to keep your skin and your makeup looking amazing for hours on end.

Take the less is more approach with your base and keep those pressed powder applications to a minimum.

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