Have sunbeds left your skin in a state?

We’re now all aware of how much of a no-go sunbeds are, although if you’re guilty of having used them religiously in the past, the damage may already have been done.

The use of sunbeds can not also have many horrific health risks, but is also a key contributor to prematurely aging skin.

Whilst you may have thought that a bronzed body was worth the risk at the time, you’re likely to think the complete opposite now- especially when you’re stood next to friends who opted to stay ‘pale and interesting’ and who are now reaping the rewards.

Skin which has suffered at the hands of the electric beach is likely to look and feel extremely dehydrated, although unless skin’s condition is really severe, there are some great products on the market which can help to restore hydration and also help to reduce the look of premature skin aging.

The Dermalogica AGE Smart System line of products is great for those with skin which is aging prematurely, and is extremely popular with those looking to improve the look of skin which has suffered due to many factors- not just sunbeds.

The Dermalogica AGE Smart System contains masques, moisturisers, exfoliants and many targeted products which can help to quench the thirst of sun (bed) damaged skin.

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