Don’t be tempted to scrub away at eye makeup

Makeup can really help to bring your eyes to life, and there are lots of fab products out there which have real staying power.

Whilst long lasting mascaras, eye liners and eye shadows will help to ensure that your makeup looks flawless throughout your 9-5 in the office or throughout your big night out, removing stubborn products can be a little tricky.

At the end of a long day or night, spending hours trying to remove every last trace of your eye makeup is probably the last thing which you will feel like doing, and this means that the temptation to scrub at makeup in an attempt to shift it can be very strong.

It’s vital that you don’t succumb to this temptation though, as the skin around the eyes is very delicate, and heavy handedness is not only likely to result in soreness, but could also result in the appearance of fine lines.

For this reason, should invest in an eye makeup remover which will gently and effortlessly reduce every last trace of makeup- such as the increasingly popular Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover.

As well as quickly removing cosmetics, this product also soothes and conditions the eye area- which makes it a beauty cabinet essential for every eye makeup enthusiast.

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